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Together, we fed our communities.

With the help of committed partners and donors like you, Food Banks Canada was able to provide more food and funds to the food banking network than ever before. We’re not ready to stop there, though. Until food insecurity is a distant memory in this country, we will continue to find new ways to provide more individuals with access to more healthy food and share with you the inspiring ways that your generosity and compassion makes an impact.

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Who We Are

Our vision is a Canada where no one goes hungry

Food Banks Canada provides national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network in Canada. Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity. We support a network of Provincial Associations, affiliate food banks, and agencies that work at the community level to relieve hunger. Our work is focused on maximizing collective impact, strengthening local capacity, and reducing the need for food banks.

A Message from our Leaders

"Whether you’re a valued donor, a food bank or a provincial association, let’s get stronger and move forward together on this shared goal!"
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Chris Hatch


"During the past year, the board has supported a strong plan to advance our mission and to move forward our vision of a Canada where no one goes hungry."
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Allan Cosman

Chair, Board of Directors


A Canada where no one goes hungry

Mission statement

We provide national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network in Canada.

Core Values
1.1 million monthly visits to food banks in Canada
By the numbers

Food banks help people every single day

It's easy to think of food bank donations as canned soup sitting on a shelf, jugs of milk lined up in a cooler, or fresh vegetables waiting to be selected. But what these items really represent are elements to help build nutritious meals for unique people and members of your local community who need help. Visits to food banks mean mornings where children can head to school with full stomachs and adults struggling with food security can have the energy to take positive steps forward. Your generosity helps to put meals on the tables of Canadians in need. These numbers are significant in real people’s lives.

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    Lbs. of food shared

    24.9 million

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Donor Impact

How your donations make an impact

Your generosity has real impact.

Canadians made 1.1 million visits to food banks per month last year. This means that every single day of the week, individuals in this country are struggling to provide meals to nourish their families.

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Local Businesses Become Great Donor Sources

“The retail food program provides the type of support that food banks across Canada need for us to move forward in our local communities.” — Gert Reynar, Leduc & District Food Bank Association

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Giving Children Skills and Confidence to Help in the Kitchen

“The Food Explorers Program was exactly what our organization was looking for in expanding our programming outside of offering families food assistance from the Food Bank.” — 2018 Food Explorers, The Salvation Army Neepawa Service Extension Unit

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Providing Protein through Community Retail Partners

“Food Banks Canada and the Retail Food Program have added tremendously to our ability to better serve those in need at the Burlington Food Bank.” — Robin Bailey, Burlington Food Bank

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Retail Food Program Stocks Shelves

“The Retail Food Program has been such a blessing to our food bank and we are thrilled by everything that comes our way.” — Marian Goguen, Saint John East Food Bank

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Local Connections Boost a Food Bank's Ability to Serve

“To say it takes a village applies to many communities; however, it is especially true here in Labrador West.” — Rebecca Burke, Labrador West Ministerial Food Bank

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Fighting Hunger Locally with National Support

“Food Banks Canada has been a huge part of Loaves and Fishes Food Bank’s success.” — Peter Sinclair, Loaves & Fishes Community Food Bank

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Food Banks Canada’s Role in Supporting Local Food Banks

“At the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, we know the folks at Food Banks Canada are working hard to ensure the critical role food banks play in communities across our country is recognized and supported.” — Laurie O'Connor, Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre

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Joyfully supporting the work of long-time partners

“Food Banks Canada is a major partner when it comes to food procurement, helping us continue our food bank’s 20-year mission of distributing food to our most impoverished communities.” — Norman Dunn, Moisson Granby

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Food Bank Recipients Take Pride in Gardening for the Community

“We love being able to have food bank recipients come and volunteer in the garden. Two of our volunteers, Betty Ann and Kevin, showed great enthusiasm for planting and harvesting, expressing that they found it both relaxing and a great form of exercise.” — 2018 +Fresh Gardens and Growing Fund, Rainbow Food Bank

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Province by Province

Provincial Value Statements

Our impact is felt every day, right across the country. Click on a province to discover how we're supporting communities on a local level.


The North

Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

  • Food Banks4
  • Lbs. of food shared3,045
  • Total Funds Shared90,133
Our Value Statement

British Columbia

  • Food Banks100
  • Lbs. of food shared3,726,989
  • Total Funds Shared1,307,144
Our Value Statement


  • Food Banks90
  • Lbs. of food shared3,749,075
  • Total Funds Shared1,616,635
Our Value Statement


  • Food Banks29
  • Lbs. of food shared1,047,777
  • Total Funds Shared428,433
Our Value Statement


  • Food Banks14
  • Lbs. of food shared1,627,525
  • Total Funds Shared361,769
Our Value Statement


  • Food Banks129
  • Lbs. of food shared7,168,619
  • Total Funds Shared3,526,960
Our Value Statement


  • Food Banks32
  • Kg. of food shared2,273,500
  • Total Funds Shared904,988
Our Value Statement

New Brunswick

  • Food Banks59
  • Lbs. of food shared949,320
  • Total Funds Shared607,365
Our Value Statement

Prince Edward Island

  • Food Banks6
  • Lbs. of food shared37,308
  • Total Funds Shared57,335
Our Value Statement

Newfoundland Labrador

  • Food Banks48
  • Lbs. of food shared549,554
  • Total Funds Shared336,252
Our Value Statement


  • Food Banks638
  • Lbs. of food shared24.9 million
  • Total Funds Shared9,740,105
Our Value Statement
The Future

What's next: the continuous fight to fiercely combat hunger

What if, instead of a statistic, we could turn this number into a count-down clock? With your help, we’re making headway in the fight against hunger in Canada. Behind the statistics are unique individuals, each with their own circumstances, challenges, and triumphs. The generosity you provide gives them the support they each deserve to make their lives better.

Providing National Leadership

Hunger doesn’t take a day off. For the Canadians making 1.1 million visits to food banks each month, your generosity is what provides support and hope to make their lives better. Take a moment to read our donor impact stories. They are inspirational examples of the positive effect you as a valued donor has on communities across the country.

Relieving hunger today

We will continue to respond to local needs by connecting with partners to acquire food and donations. Identifying and creating spaces for food banks to exchange best practices and ideas remains a top priority.

Preventing hunger tomorrow

By advocating for public policy through research and thought leadership, we will help reduce the need for food banks. Influencing governments at all levels through our strong collective voice, will facilitate the changes needed to achieve our goals.

Our Donors

Walmart Gives Back to Canada by Helping to Feed Those in Need

Walmart Canada is celebrating 25 years in Canada this year (2019) and they have consistently shown that they value their communities by giving back through organizations like Food Banks Canada. We are proud to have had their ongoing support nationally since 2011, especially as a founder of our Retail Food Program. Through corporate donations, commitment from associates and the generosity of customers and vendor partners, Walmart Canada’s annual "Fight Hunger. Spark Change" campaign has raised over 32.5 million meals in four short years. Donated funds also helped build local food banks' capacities and provide them with the ability to purchase fresh and perishable food items. Walmart Canada has been leading the way for years in choosing to donate their food surplus to help Canadians struggling with food insecurity.

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Our Donors

Kellogg Canada continues to grow its support

A supporter of our After the Bell program since its inception in 2016, Kellogg Canada has provided valuable financial support along with child-friendly delicious and nutritious products for the healthy food packs. As part of its global Breakfasts for Better Days™ program, Kellogg shows its support for the food bank network by supporting Food Banks Canada’s National Conference, by finding innovative ways to ensure all available surplus product is directed to food banks across our network, and by encouraging staff to volunteer at local food banks.

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Our Donors

McCormick and its brands share 10 million meals

Helping Canadians who grapple with food insecurity, particularly children, is a key mission at McCormick Canada. That’s why the company has deepened its relationship with Food Banks Canada and McCormick’s family of brands, from just partnering on French’s to also include Club House spices and herbs. McCormick has helped deliver more than 10 million meals to Canadians in the past four years, reflecting its commitment to a community-first approach. Support from McCormick Canada ensures that Food Banks Canada initiatives, including After the Bell child hunger reduction program, the National Conference, and the National Food Sharing System continue to thrive.

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Our Donors

Subway Uses World Sandwich Day to Deliver Fresh Food

In celebration of World Sandwich Day on November 3rd, Subway Canada contributed 2 million meals in support of local food banks across the country and helped educate Canadians about food banks through an interactive pop-up in downtown Toronto. Subway’s commitment to serving fresh food made them the perfect partner to share the message that 40% of the food distributed by food banks is fresh, a fact that many people don’t know. They also highlighted some of the other programs offered by food banks to help give Canadians a full picture of how supporting Food Banks Canada can impact their communities and those in need in fresh and nutritious ways.

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Our Donors

Egg Farmers of Canada Donate Almost 2 Million Eggs to Communities

Egg Farmers of Canada has been a dedicated and instrumental partner of Food Banks Canada for over 20 years, providing fresh and high value eggs to families across the country. In 2019, Egg Farmers of Canada increased their egg donations by 21%, which totals almost 2 million eggs being served in homes across the country. They continue to raise awareness on the issue of hunger in Canada during the holiday season by supporting the Recipes that Give campaign. Egg Farmers of Canada has a long history of social responsibility and we are grateful to be on the receiving end of their collective generosity.

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Our Donors

VersaCold Enables Greater Capacity for Perishable Donations

VersaCold, a temperature controlled logistics industry partner, is an invaluable part of Food Banks Canada's National Food Sharing System. They donate temperature controlled logistics services such as warehousing and transportation in order to easily and safely move perishable food and provide these much-needed items to families in need across the country. This partnership has helped to increase food donations by removing many logistical barriers and presenting ways to both receive and transport safe, quality food. VersaCold employees also get directly involved in supporting Food Banks Canada through knowledge exchange, volunteering, and participating in the After The Bell Packing Day.

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Our Donors

Bayer Funds Fresh Food Initiatives

Chosen by employees, Bayer has made Food Banks Canada one of two charities they have collectively committed to support. Their generous donations contribute to Food Banks Canada's +Fresh Gardens and Growing Fund, which helps local food banks develop community gardens and growing programs that provide families in need with more fresh food. The fund supports efforts like the new greenhouse in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, which allowed this busy food bank to significantly increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables they were able to provide to their clients. Employees at Bayer are actively involved in this partnership; they host fundraising events, collect food donations, and volunteer at local food banks as well as the After the Bell Packing Day.

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Our Donors

Questrade's Holiday Campaign Brings Attention to Hunger

For the past three years, Questrade, Canada’s fastest growing online brokerage, has been increasing their support of Food Banks Canada, donating over 600,000 meals for those in need. Last holiday season, they partnered with Food Banks Canada on a powerful ad campaign to raise awareness of the issue of hunger in this country. The campaign saw a tremendous reach through TV, digital and print media, bringing food insecurity to the top of Canadians' minds. Questrade has deepened its commitment to fighting hunger in 2019 by donating a full day of meals for every new account opened by either existing or new customers, demonstrating the importance that they place, as a Canadian company, in investing in local communities.

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Thank you

Our heartfelt gratitude

To our generous individual donors, tireless volunteers, and valued partner organizations who support the work we do we say thank you. Thank you for the individual meals, and for the families whose lives you change for the better. And thank you from the communities we serve in our continuing fight to end hunger in Canada.


Advisory committees

We would like to acknowledge the hard work done by the advisory committees. Your collaboration is key to our joint success