Who We Are

Food Banks Canada

Your impact is inspiring

We’re striving for a Canada where food insecurity is a thing of the past. This journey is marked by the challenge of the sheer number of families who need help, but bolstered by the unfailing generosity of partners and donors like you and the joyful stories of caring and compassion.

  • By The Numbers


    Canadians are helped by food banks every month.

    What if, instead of a statistic, we could turn this number into a count-down clock? With your help, we’re making headway in the fight against hunger in Canada. Behind the statistics are unique individuals, each with their own circumstances, challenges, and triumphs. The generosity you provide gives them the support each one of them deserves to make their lives better.

Province By Province

Provincial Value Statements

Our impact is felt every day, right across the country. Click on a province to discover how we're supporting communities on a local level.

  • How You Helped

    Your kindness makes a difference, 365 days a year.

    Hunger doesn’t take a day off. For the 860,000 Canadians facing hunger your generosity is what provides support and hope to make their lives better. Take a moment to read these impact stories. They are inspirational examples of the positive effect you as a valued donor has on communities across the country.

  • More than food... friendships

    The most significant impact to our participants was on the social side

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  • Food literacy makes a healthy difference

    Support from our donors has allowed Intergenerational Cooking to take cooking to a new level

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  • Donors and volunteers are our foundation

    We are 100% community supported

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  • Your generosity expands our ability to help

    The Georgetown Bread Basket is grateful for the support of Food Banks Canada

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  • Bill's story: appreciation and giving back

    “I started using the food bank back in June when I lost my job"

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  • How one grant can have a positive impact

    What doubling your transportation capacity does for the community

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The Future

What's next:

the continuous fight to fiercely combat hunger

While deeply rewarding, it’s not enough to be satisfied by the impact we have achieved together this year. The work continues and we remain steadfastly committed to solving the problem of hunger in Canada. Your support of innovation, advocacy, and strong partnerships has always been the key to reaching our goals. Over the next 3 years our strategic direction will be focused on these key areas:

  • Providing National Leadership

    By maximizing our collective impact as an innovative forward-thinking organization, we will champion shared leadership across sectors and build more collaboration to drive forward towards our vision of a Canada where no one goes hungry. We will also facilitate common brand identity and standards for the food banking network.

  • Relieving hunger today

    We will continue to respond to local needs by connecting with partners to acquire food and donations. Identifying and creating spaces for food banks to exchange best practices and ideas remains a top priority.

  • Preventing hunger tomorrow

    By advocating for public policy through research and thought leadership, we will help reduce the need for food banks. Influencing governments at all levels through our strong collective voice, will facilitate the changes needed to achieve our goals.

A heartfelt thank you

To our generous individual donors, tireless volunteers, and valued partner organizations who support the work we do we say thank you. Thank you for the individual meals, and for the families whose lives you change for the better. And thank you for the communities we serve in our continuing fight to end hunger in Canada.